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[From. Min Ho] Kang Taejun……Bye^^ 강태준….. 안녕^^

A hot summer of Year 2012,
I met a friend named Kang Taejun.
Maybe because it was a main lead that was handed to me for the first time, i started to become nervous instead of being excited or wanting to do well..
And maybe because of that, it seems like i started to put in more effort.
Our first shooting started, followed by the first day of broadcast, which i had monitored with a nervous heart
All seems like a scene from yesterday, and all too quickly it has already ended…
I have a lot of pity, and realised that i myself is lacking in a lot of areas,
"it is still very far away from me.." i was thinking so while it ended
I regret it and feel it is such a pity.
To all fans and viewers who have watched and supported ‘To the Beautiful You’
from the start to the end, i wish to sincerely offer my thanks,
Those who have placed the still-very-lacking me in a handsome boat and guided me along,
Jeon Kisung Director, all staff as well as fellow actors and senior actors
once again, thank you and thank you and thank you so much.
In this short but also long summer, with the excitement when it started and the pity that lingered when it ended,
i am really blissed to have met Kang Taejun, and it was really very happy~
Now it isn’t the end, it is just Choi Minho stepping on the next step and moving upwards
I shall run forward being more handsome and with more strength .^^
Really thank you very much~
To the Beautiful You ……
Kang Taejun…..
Forever, thanks^^
2012년 뜨거운 여름,
강태준이라는 친구를 만났습니다.
처음으로 맡은 주연이라 그런지 설레기도잘 하지도 않던 긴장을 하게 되고..
그래서였는지 더욱 더 노력하게 되었던 것 같습니다.
첫 촬영을 시작하고첫 방송을 하며 떨리는 마음으로 모니터를 하던 게
엊그제 같은데 벌써 작품이 끝나버렸네요
정말 많이 아쉽고 또 제 자신이 많이 부족하다는 것도 느끼면서
아직 많이 멀었구나.. 라는 생각으로 끝이 난 것 같아
후회도 되고 아쉬운 마음도 듭니다.
끝까지 아름다운 그대에게를 시청해주시고 응원해주신
팬 여러분과 시청자 여러분께 진심으로 감사의 말씀을 드리고,
아직 너무나도 부족한 저를 멋진 배에 태워서 잘 인도해주신
전기상 감독님 및 아그대 스탭 여러분과 동료 배우님선배님들께
다시 한번 감사하고 또 감사하고 감사합니다.
시작이란 설레임과 함께 끝이라는 아쉬움이 남는 짧고도 긴 여름 동안
강태준을 만나 행복했고너무나도 좋았습니다~
이제 끝이 아니라 한 단계 계단을 밟고 올라선 최민호가 되어
더 멋지고 힘차게 달려 나가겠습니다.^^
너무나도 감사합니다~
아름다운 그대에게 …..
영원히 고맙다^^

Ji-ni High School at Jung Deun No. 303 too, Bye^^
정든 303호와 지니 고등학교도 안녕^^
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Jonghyun’s reaction when Minho arrive while they are recording U&I.

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촬영장에서도 오늘도 너무 고마워요^^

덕분에 힘이 나서 제작발표회도 잘 할 수 있었어요!!

이제 첫 발걸음을 나아가는데 많이 긴장도 되고 설레네요~

그래도 내 옆에 이렇게 있어줘서~

너무 든든하고 더더 자신감 생기는 거 있죠?^^

너무 고맙고 또 고마워요

열심히 해서 멋진 모습 많이 보여줄게요!

내가 바로 강태준이다


At the shooting set today too, thank you so much^^

Because of you i have the strength, thus am able to perform well at the Press Conference!!

Now, i am moving forward to take my first step, i am very nervous yet excited as well~

Even so, for being by my side like this~

i feel so secure and hence i will gain more more confidence right?^^

Thank you so much, and thanks again I will work very hard and show you many good sides of me!

I am The Kang Tae Jun [Lee Teuk’s famous phrase haha]

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exo vs. straws 

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cr: Wow!News





Korea’s popular idol group SHINee participated in the recording of GTV’s <娛樂百分百> aka 100% Entertainment. They found out that SHINee once shopped at the night market three years ago, and misses going there even til now. But as SHINee’s popularity in Taiwan is increasing more and more, shopping at the night market has become an impossible task. Hence 100% Ent specially moved the night market into the studio, to let Onew Taemin Jonghyun Key, these four boys to play as much as they are happy with.

The previous time they went to the night market was during winter and thus they didn’t get to taste the super awesome dessert in summer- Mango Ice! The four boys eating Mango Snow Ice for the first time revealed surprised expressions, and without being careful of their image, they ate big mouthfuls one after another. Taemin said happily, “Korea doesn’t have this, i wish i could bring it back to eat!” The Korean staff wanted to try too, so SHINee specially made a creative Snow Ice for the staff to eat, the studio became as lively as a real night market at that moment.

After eating Mango ice, SHINee wanted to PK the basketball machine, Jonghyun+Key in Little Ghost’s team and Onew+Taemin in Butterfly Sister’s team used all tricks up their sleeve to disturb the opposing team. They would be blowing at the basketball hoop, or singing loudly beside the player, and occasionally they would throw toys among the basketballs as a bluff, or even stuff a basketball into the hoodie of the opposing team player, the live scene was really heated.

The ever-popular Angry Birds has developed into a 3D version in the Taiwan night markets. Once they saw the 3D Angry Birds props, the four boys couldn’t resist playing. They even played it at a higher level, challenging as the ‘pig’ targets of the Angry birds. Little Ghost was actually aiming at Butterfly Sister, but unintentionally swept across Onew’s head, making Onew scream in shock, “You are so mean!” Little Ghost broke out in cold sweat and said, “Luckily i didn’t really hit him, or else later i would be beaten up by the fans!”

Little Ghost’s Angry Bird swept past Onew, making him scream, “You are so mean!!”

Taemin said, “Noona i’m sorry” Onew stands at the side as an onlooker

Key was pranked as he plays basketball, a ball is shoved into his hood

Onew Taemin Key Jonghyun does a comical pose of Angry Birds

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i want to hold his hand ;w;

i want to hold his hand ;w;

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when asked to guess what the manager’s pitiful feedback towards exo was